Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Decor

Luv, luv, luv this post from Beaux reves!  Her dining room looks amazing!!!

I've started my Halloween Decorating but really just haven't gotten far.  The last week in September T came home and everyone went to the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game.  I got some cleaning done but no decorating.  The first weekend in October KJ was finishing up volleyball so I didn't any decorating that weekend either.  This last weekend was the annual Cos Family Celebratory Triad so the only decorating I got done was birthday party decorating. 
I've really been into glitter the past couple of years (Pinterest influence perhaps??).  Right now I have a purple glitter skull sitting on a large black candle holder and some pumpkins totally decked out in black and orange sequins and glitter.  I also have KJ's Halloween cat painting on one end of the mantel and a long, horizontal black and silver Halloween wooden sign in the middle. 

I'm also a sucker for the whole Pottery Barn / vintage / traditional Halloween look.  I like simple, clean lines and like a monochromatic color scheme with pops of color. 

I luv, luv, luv a great decorated buffet! 

Really, really into skulls this year.  I think when the kids were younger I decorated in more of a "Happy" Halloween style -- cute pumpkins, patchwork scarecrows, sweet, not scary or threatening.  Now I think my decor has evolved into more of  "Classy Scary."  I don't like blood or gore but do like to set an elegant, appropriate table or buffet. 


Is this what they mean when someone says, "I'll have your head on a platter??"

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Chell said...

I love decorating for Halloween and Fall !

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