Thursday, October 4, 2012

Presidential Debate

After KJ's vball game, dinner and homework, I wasn't able to catch much of last night's Presidential Debate.  However, my twitter and FB feeds were totally blowing up.  I am seriously thinking about suspending both of my accounts until after the election is over.  Everyone has an extremely strong opinion about their party's presidential candidate and it's very difficult to read some friend's postings.  They feel so strongly about a candidate and are sometimes shoving their opinion down everyone's throats.  It's very easy these days to post a link to your FB or Twitter account and it's difficult to wade through all the mumbo-jumbo surrounding healthcare, tax reform, foriegn policy, etc.  We are all victims of technology and social media.  The New York Times reports one thing, James Carville says another, Bill Clinton is putting his two cents in, Chris Matthews is giving his opinion, the Wall Street Journal claims something else, etc (and now Al Gore claims the high altitude is to blame for Obama's poor performance last night).  You need to vote on the topics that affect you and your family the most . . . does healthcare affect you?  are you a small business owner?  are women's issues important to you?  what about same-sex marriages?  taxes?  education? 

I currently reside deep in the heart of the Republican South and I don't care what anyone says, this presidential election is going to come down to race and I don't think last night's debate swayed people one way or the other.  With 5 weeks left before Election Day, most voters have been leaning towards one candidate over the other.  At this late in the game, if you haven't done your research on a candidate or political party's position, maybe you should just sit this election out.  You're going to go into that election booth and be one of those uniformed voters and that's the last thing this country needs. 

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Cartoon Characters said...

I had to block some of my own cousins living in Texas. Tea Partiers. Of course, living in Canada, we don't give a rip about what president is chosen. Our "conservative" parties would be considered quite "Left" to most Americans.

Something I have noticed: People in the usa tend to pick their President based on some very strange criteria.

I don't care if my leader goes to church or not, or if he is a "family man" or if he "appears nice and personable or real". That's not what I use to judge whether or not someone would make a solid Prime Minister (our version of the President) I would pick the best candidate with the best policies and research each platform.

We don't argue between parties with the same vitriole either.

And definitely the time between call to election and voting day here in Canada is sometimes only a month or two. Why you all let it drag on forever is beyond me! It really is wearing!

I might unblock the cousins after the election....

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