Sunday, December 9, 2012

Army / Navy Game

Good football day in our house yesterday.  While everyone else in the South was mourning the loss of SEC Saturday's, we were enjoying the Army/Navy game.  Unfortunately, BFrench got a little hurt early in the game but Navy was still able to "sing second" which is the most important thing. 

So incredibly proud of this man.  He is so humble, so unassuming and incredible leader on and off the field: 

And then, to top off an incredible win, an incredible senior season and an overall outstanding career at Annapolis, B jumped into the stands while the alma mater was being played, dropped to one knee and asked T to marry him!  So exciting!  We kind of knew it was coming but wasn't 100% sure and certainly didn't know how he was going to actually propose.  How romantic and how wonderful that it was caught on camera! 

And while we were all excited for Brye & the Navy win, Trent Steelman broke my heart.  No lie, I sat on the couch with tears rolling down my face every time they showed him on TV. 

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