Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's OK Thursday

...It's OK that my parents arrive tomorrow and I have no idea if there are clean sheets on the guest bed.

...It's OK that I bought a bunch of books for my Nook.  Now I just need to buy some time to read them.

...It's OK that I don't care about the Jodi Arias case and wish Nancy Grace would just zip it once in a while. 

...It's OK to covet thy husband's side of the bed. 

...It's OK that one of the girls I work with secretly judges me by the car I drive, my clothes and my accessories.  I'm 20 years older than her and have worked hard for everything I have.  Judge away. 

...It's OK to really, really dislike small-minded / closed-minded people (please refer to previous post). 

...It's OK to have an issue with ignorant people (please refer to previous post).  If you are unfamiliar with something, look it up!  Or better yet, ask questions!  Don't verbally attack it, don't put it down, don't make stupid comments, don't make faces.  Educate yourself!

...It's OK to be nervous for daughter #2's middle school volleyball try-outs next week. 

...It's OK to wear socks to bed. 

...It's OK to not be able to pass up a Lord of the Rings marathon whenever it's on TV. 

Its Ok Thursdays

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Anonymous said...

I'm all curious now about this previous post that I cannot find! :P

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