Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weird, Wet Wonderful Sunday

Favorite Day of the Week!  And it's pouring to boot!  Yay!  Love a good, relaxing Sunday!  And, let's not forget, Vikings season finale tonight on the History Channel!  Such a great show!  Hate that the season is over but it has been renewed!

Finished reading "Wedding Night" by Sophie Kinsella (eh; definitely not my favorite Kinsella book).  Started reading "Paris" by Edward Rutherford (he's not following his usual formula and that's OK!). 

The Hoover Varsity lax team is spanking Oak Mountain as I type in play-offs.  I went to the Spain Park game the other night and we lost (thus ending our undefeated season) so I think I'm the bad luck charm.  I'll just stay away from now on.  I'm good with that. 

My parents are here and today (in the pouring rain!) my dad planted all my flowers for me since I have a black thumb.  His "yuppie" granddaughter helped him for a little bit but the rain got to be too much for her.  The two of them also painted my mail box and the post on Saturday.  Good, quality grandparent/grandchild bonding time. 

T was at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville this weekend for a fraternity prom.  She's texted a few times and sounds like they had a good time. 

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Love your layout!
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