Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All the Chicks

Had all the chicks in the nest for a very brief moment on Easter Sunday!  Which was great because neither one of them were supposed to be home.  T texted us Friday night that she was planning to come home Saturday afternoon and KJ got home from the beach a little ahead of schedule so they were able to see each other before T drove back to Oxford. 

KJ had a GREAT time at the beach!  She came home with a little bit of a cold and a lot of laundry.  I wouldn't say she's tan by any means but she does have a nice little glow.  It was a low key, laid back trip but she had fun at the Track in Destin and enjoyed kayaking. 

T got home Saturday around 2 PM and we had to hit the mall.  She was invited to a fraternity formal at the end of April and needed to find a dress.  The mall was positively insane but thankfully daughter #1 is a "one and done" kind of girl.  I had been at the mall earlier in the week and saw some cute dresses at Cache.  We walked in, she took several things into the dressing room, tried one dress on, loved it and walked out with it.  Absolutely gorgeous silver sequin cocktail dress with an open back -- makes her legs look a mile long!  Went to Belk for shoes, tried on one pair, walked out with them.  One and done baby.  That's how we roll.

We had Easter dinner with friends and had such a good time!  They have two boys who play lacrosse for Coach and had just gotten home from SB'13 the day before.  She was in no mood to cook and since we originally thought it was just going to be me and Coach, I wasn't planning on cooking either.  We decided to have dinner at the hotel instead.  How awesome is that -- no cooking, no cleaning the house before, no clean-up after and someone else did the dishes.  My kind of holiday!

So it's the beginning of April and as far as I'm concerned, it's over with already.  This time of year gets so hectic.  We have plans for every weekend in April and it's going to be insane.  Lacrosse, volleyball, Double-decker festival/sorority parents weekend and my parents are coming for the weekend on their way from FL back to PA for the summer.  I will be living out of a suitcase for most of April. 

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