Wednesday, September 18, 2013


A couple of things I need to add to today's "Pro's and Con's" post:

-Our bedroom.  I think I am sleeping better than I ever have.  Our bedroom in Hoover was on the first floor and in the front of the house over the garage.  The street light was too bright and shined right in our room.  And I heard everything.  I could hear our neighbor's air condition unit turn off and on.  And they were kind of rude and kept the spot lights on 24/7 on the side of their house as well.  I could hear the guy delivering newspaper's at 5 AM (no lie!  His car made a very distinct sound and I could actually hear the rhythmic "thwack" every time he threw a newspaper on each neighbor's driveway).  Our neighbor had a pond in her yard and I could hear the waterfall and the frogs croaking (and despite what you would think, it was NOT relaxing!).  Our new bedroom is upstairs in the back of the house.  It's pitch black and I don't hear a thing.  We had French doors from our bedroom into our master bath in the house in Hoover and I'd wake up everything Cosmo got in the shower.  I don't hear a thing now.

-James Spann.  I watch the local news and have no idea who these weather people are.  I kinda feel like I'm on vacation and watching local TV in my hotel room.  When they talk about the weather or traffic in Baltimore or DC, I have no idea who, what or where they're talking about!  KJ was so excited to unpack her James Spann bobblehead and it actually has a place of honor on her dresser.  Too funny!!!

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