Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pros & Cons

So far, I'm really enjoying being back in the Northeast.  There have been a few things that I'll have to get used to, but I'm really glad we made the move! 

-KJ luvs, luvs, luvs her school and teachers.  That was a huge concern for us but it's all worked out well. 
-The weather has been great.  Really beautiful.  I may be singing a different tune come winter time and I'm battling 10 feet of snow but I really doubt it.  I have never enjoyed the heat and love sweatshirt weather.  And I've always loved the snow.  I love mittens and gloves and playing in the snow and hot chocolate. 
-The water.  This is going to sound super strange but our water in Hoover never got really cold out of the faucet.  Our water here gets cold fast and gets hot fast.  I like it.
-Our garbage disposal.  Again, weird but hey!  It's the little things in life!  We had a garbage disposal in all of our houses except Hoover (we were on septic) and I'm enjoying having one again.  It freaks KJ out a bit, though. 
-Family.  It is so wonderful being able to drive to our families in under 4 hours vs. the 17 or 18 hours it took from B'ham. 
-Closets.  I luv, luv, luv my closets in this house.  Coach and I each have our very own walk-in closet and they are, quite honestly, spectacular  (mine is starting to look a lot like something Carrie Bradshaw would have).  And, I always wanted a separate storage area for all of my holiday décor.  I got it!  This house has a room in the basement with floor to ceiling shelving on each wall and it's mine all mine!  I have a space for my Summer stuff, my Fall décor, Christmas has an entire wall and I'm still putting away Spring items.  I'm in heaven and feel so organized!

-The only major con so far has been this girl right here.  I miss her terribly.

-Traffic.  I will have to get used to allowing a little extra time for traffic.  It hasn't been an issue for me yet but I also have been home for the last 3 weeks and really haven't had to drive anywhere in rush hour traffic.
-Recycling.  No lie, these people here are recycling fanatics.  I always thought I was fairly eco-conscientious but Montgomery County takes it to a whole 'nother level.  We have several different bins in our garage for cardboard, plastic, cans, glass, etc. and they charge you 5 cents for every plastic bag you use at the grocery store.  I always under-estimate how many re-usable bags I need to bring into the grocery store and end up getting charged for a couple and end up feeling guilty.  Plus I don't like putting my meat in recyclable bags and prefer a plastic bag. 
-Eastern Time.  So weird to be in a different time zone than one of my children but the thing I hate most about Eastern time is the TV schedule!  Most of my shows come on later than I'm used to so I end up DVR'ing everything and watching it a day later. 

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