Friday, August 29, 2014


There's always some cool stuff happening on Twitter if you know where to look.  Two of my favorite things trending right now are #askhermore and #bringbackoursnacks

Awards season is upon is (think recent VMA's, the Emmy's, etc.).  There is a a HUGE difference in the  content of red carpet questions asked of male actors versus female actors, producers, directors, etc.  Entertainment industry males are asked questions about how they prepared for their role, who inspires them, etc.  Female counterparts are asked inane questions about red-carpet beauty tips, which designer they're wearing, etc.  Hence the #AskHerMore movement.  Some are of the opinion that the red carpet IS a fashion show and they don't tune in to hear Julia Robert's political opinions.

 I noticed this disparity one night a couple of weeks ago when Coach and I were watching that American Ninja show.  We wanted to watch because the first female to make it to Mount Whatever was supposed to be on.  They asked all the male contestants about their training and preparation.  However, the only female on the show, the first female EVER to make it to the semi-finals, was asked about fashion.  I was SO aggravated.  #AskHerMore

#BringBackOurSnacks is a play on the infamous photo of Michelle Obama's her holding up a sign for the missing Nigerian school girls.

Michelle Obama has singled-handedly ruined American school lunches and the kids aren't going to take it.  If folks can protest in Ferguson, I think school kids have the right to express their displeasure over the crappy food they are served.  A lot of people think the kids are acting like spoiled brats but it's not really about the snacks.  It's much more than twinkies and ho-ho's.  Many students posts photos of the actual lunch and not only is it horribly unappetizing looking, the portions are minuscule.  For many kids, school lunch is the only meal of the day.  My mother worked in local school district and said it was so sad to see some of the elementary school kids beg for seconds or slip the apple or banana in their backpack to eat later.  What about those kids?  Those are the ones I feel bad for.

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