Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Two Days

Kind of hit the blogging wall for a while there but now I'm back and have blogged Two-Days-In-A-Row!!!  Go Me!

KJ goes back to school in 3 weeks and volleyball try-outs are the week before that.  She's been complaining for a couple of days about an ear ache so yesterday we killed two birds with one stone and had her ear checked out and did her sports physical.  She didn't have an infection, just a little fluid in her ear and she is just shy of 5 ft., 5 inches (a good 5 to 6 inches over me).

We had a nice weekend in PA.  We drove up late Friday afternoon and stopped at a Mexican restaurant in Gettysburg that had a nice patio area since we had the dog with us.  Saturday Coach helped out with Mr. B's lax clinic and my mom picked up C and brought her back to the house.  She brushed mine and KJ's hair, we had lunch on the front porch and KJ drove her around the property on the four-wheeler.  Let's just say that girl is busy, busy, busy!  Later that afternoon several girls from down the road came to the house and took KJ out on some of the back trails.  She got the four-wheeler stuck and had to call Pop to come and get her out of the ditch!  Coach brought Mr. B back to the house and we watched a bunch of videos from when KJ was a baby.  That night we also had s'mores by the camp fire.  Sunday all of us ladies (me, KJ, my mom, my SIL and Aunt Linda) went to Stephanie's shower at the cabin.  Unfortunately it rained the entire time but we still managed to have fun and she received some beautiful gifts! 

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