Monday, August 8, 2011

1 Week from Today

"Time is change; we measure its passage by how much things alter." -- Nadine Gordimer

Wow. One week from today I will have a senior in high school and a middle schooler (well, officially an "intermediate" schooler but middle schooler sounds much much cooler).

Cosmo & KJ had an awesome weekend in NoLa visiting Lou, Mel and the kids. We had planned to go to NoLa in December as a little get-away since we weren't going home to NY for Christmas. But then my dad has his "event" and I rushed to FL and had to cancel NoLa. So, we thought we'd try again and go for a long weekend before school started. Unfortunately, T had band camp two-a-days last week (8 am to 12 noon, 6 to 9 pm) each night and she worked at the lax store all day Saturday. So I stayed home with her while Cosmo & KJ partied on Bourbon Street. They stayed at the Roosevelt hotel Friday & Saturday nights and had so much fun with Eva. KJ said she is super sweet, super friendly & outgoing and very silly. Saturday they had the obligatory beneights at Cafe du Monde, went to Eva's b-day party mid-morning, strolled around for a bit w/ Mel & Lou and hit the aquarium in the afternoon. That night they met everyone for dinner at Bubba Gumps and had breakfast with them Sunday morning before heading home. KJ had a lot of fun but really did not like Bourbon Street. She said it was skanky.

T and I had a great weekend and got a lot done. She went out with friends Friday night, worked Saturday and I made her stay home Saturday night and relax. She's been running full-speed the entire summer and just needed to chill. Between lacrosse all summer, 2 weeks of DYM rehearsals, 2 weeks of band camp, I felt she needed a break. We made a big bowl of popcorn, watched a movie and I think we were both in bed by 11 PM. She told me the next morning she really needed that. Sunday afternoon we did some shopping. T needed jeans and found 3 pairs, usually we find a bunch of shoes we love at Belk but didn't see anything we liked this trip. She did buy some wedges and a shirt at Buckle, a shirt from Free People @ Belk and a gorgeous dress from Lotus that fits her to a T! The mall was packed. We were pretty quick and stayed focused. I hate wandering around the mall aimlessly. We ended up see half the dance team and their mom's, a friend I used to work with at the playschool, and our server at CPK was a friend's son.

We had such a nice chat over lunch and talked alot about college, her expectations, our expectations/wishes for her future, sororities, room mates, etc. She's narrowed down her choices, Cosmo & I are pleased with her selections and she'll start the application process shortly. We're all on the same page so I'm really happy about that (T did, however, break my heart when she told me she has no plans/desire to apply to Alabama). She did great on the ACT's, has a great GPA and tons of community service so she should be in great shape! KJ is really, really going to miss her older sister when she goes off to college. They have become so close this summer and I know KJ really admires her big sister (plus she really wants T's room when she goes off to school).

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