Sunday, August 21, 2011


Nice relaxing weekend before the craziness starts. The calm before the storm. Actually, the storms rolled through here Saturday afternoon and apparently a house in nearby Lake Cyrus was struck by lightening.

Had such a nice morning with T! She's been cleaning and organizing her room for the last couple of weeks. She went through all her clothes, her closets, etc. and wanted to start senior year off fresh. She wanted to find a way to organize all her jewelry and saw a craft she wanted to try. We went to the antiques store and found a window frame with 4 panels. It was very shabby chic looking and had already been painted a cool green. She kocked out the glass, cleaned up the frame a bit and alternated cork board and chicken coop wire and hung the window horizontally rather than vertically and now has an awesome jewelery organizer on her bathroom wall.

Saturday morning the photographer called and asked us to come down to the studio to take a look at some of T's proof's so they could start working on her senior model cards. She looks totally badass in the lacrosse photos and I love the photos of her in her pointe shoes. After our errands, we met Cosmo up at the lax store and had lunch with him. T stayed and closed up the store like a good daughter so daddy could go home and chill for a bit.

Saturday night was very, very relaxing. We rented a movie with KJ and had some nice family time. Just as I was about to go to bed, The Boy showed up and hung out for a while.

Woke up Sunday morning, everyone chipped in and helped clean. T played soccer mom and drove KJ to lax practice and then actually stayed to help the middle school team and to get some reps in herself. Cosmo bbq'd tonight, homework is done and backpacks are ready for tomorrow.

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