Monday, August 29, 2011

Going Vintage?

What a great, busy, fun weekend! As always, they go way too fast!

Friday night KJ threw a little surprise party for her friend LG at the pool. I think LG truly was surprised. Nice group of kids, it was low-key and they had a good time in the pool. It was so freakin' hot that night. A couple of the mom's stayed and we had a good time chatting and catching up.

Friday Cosmo & T did a campus tour in the AM. This was the college she had absolutely ZERO interest in attending but after Friday's visit, I think it's moved up the ranks a bit. She was incredibly impressed with the communications department and got a much better feel for the campus. Being on campus on game day is very different than on a school day and she needed to see that.

After her tour she hightailed it over to our crosstown "rival" to interview some of the coaching staff and student body for a feature she's doing on this week's game. Then, she hauled butt back over to our side of town for dance team practice. From there she went to the pep rally at Beef's and went out to dinner afterward with a group of friends. The Boy picked her up and they went to the state fair later that evening. She was very monkeys riding dogs.

T woke up super early Saturday morning to attend a mini ACT class before she takes the test in September. She's already got a great ACT score, she just wants to get one or two more points to solidify scholarship opportunities. She had to be "field ready" (full hair & make-up and costume) by 1:30 PM so she was cutting it close.

The football game was SO much fun! I was totally dreading the heat, the crowds, the parking but everything worked out GREAT! We parked at the Met, took the shuttle to the stadium, the bus driver dropped us off right out front, and we found great seats during the 4th Quarter of the Prattville game. It was not near as hot as I thought it would be and was actually quite pleasant. KJ met up with some friends so she ran rampant during the game and we had a lot of laughs with our seatmates. Our defense played awesome and one of Cosmo's "boys" made a huge hit late in the game that got everyone really riled up.

After the game, T went out to eat with a group of friends and Cosmo, KJ & I went to Mugshots for dinner. I have to say, that was probably one of the best burgers I've ever had in my entire life. I luv, luv, luv Baha Burger but this totally blew Baha Burger out of the water.

Sunday T & I went homecoming dress shopping and bought the very first dress she tried on. Honestly, it took us longer to drive to the store and find a parking spot than it did for her to find a dress. She took 2 dresses in the dressing room and I picked out 2. We both fell in love with the very first one. She didn't even both trying on my selections so I put them back on the rack. Then, she tried on dress #2. A totally different direction from dress #1 and we both loved it. It had a vintage, 1950's prom dress feel but was updated and a little sassy. It was a strapless, ivory tulle with black appliques on the bodice and a flirty, floaty bottom. The minute she tried it on, this image popped into my head:

In the end, she went with dress #1. She said it was her last homecoming and she wanted to go out with a bang. She is so easy to shop with. She knows what she wants and, more importantly, what she doesn't.

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