Friday, August 26, 2011

Whoa !!!

Busy week and a big weekend coming up. Trixie had a much need groom yesterday, T got new Bnettes boots and I had to pick them up from the shoe place, KJ's had volleyball this week and we've been having fun planning her friend's surprise party. Tomorrow, along with the rest of Hoover, we'll be sweating our butts off at the big game. I've also been doing some errands/shopping for the annual Bnette/Freshman Dance Team dinner. I like to do the table decor.

Of course, I'm really looking forward to the actual football game, sitting with friends, watching T at half-time. The first game of the year is always exciting and the ESPN factor makes it even more thrilling! I'm just not looking forward to the crowds, the parking situation and the God awful heat!

Last night T was asked to homecoming so at some point this weekend we'll be dress shopping. She's usually pretty good to shop with. She usually goes in with an idea or a color in mind and runs with it.

Today she & Cosmo are on a college visit (under duress). Seriously though, it's her first campus tour and it will give her a good comparison for when she goes on her campus visits up north 2 weeks from now. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that she's a senior. Last night a friend sent an e-mail about early planning stages of the the big grad party. I'm excited for T for the all the fun things she'll experience this year but part of me wants to take it really, really slow. I know this year will go by waaaaaay too fast.

After the campus tour, T has to head over to our cross-town "rivals" to interview some of the football coaching staff, players and students to get their prespective on next week's game. She interviewed Nibs the other day and asked his opinion on the "rivalry." She said she was going to walk around Spain Park in her orange sparkley, Bnette boots and interview everyone while holding the huge Bucs logo field flag. The kid's got spunk, that's for sure!

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