Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's going to get a little hairy up in here

Almost completed the first full week of school and both girls seem to be enjoying school so far. T loves her classes with the exception of one (her Forensics class. She didn't even want to take this class but last year's teacher wouldn't sign off on Marine Biology. She told T it was beneath her. Whatever.).

KJ had a little snafu the other night. She couldn't find her PE uniform and Thursday was the first day they were dressing out. She was starting to panic but eventually found her t-shirt and shorts. Then, she starting to freak out because she couldn't find the combination to her gym locker. Turns out she left it in her jeans pocket. Then, yesterday afternoon she couldn't find her science book. Sheesh. KJ likes all her teachers but says some of the kids are still struggling w/ their lockers and always ask her to help them. Over the years we've gotten to know several teachers on a more personal level (through church, lacrosse, etc.) and I always felt really weird calling the girl's teachers by their first name. I always referred to them as "Mrs. So & So." KJ on the other hand thinks it's funny that she knows her teacher's first names and has been referring to her science teacher as "Carol." I told her she needs to knock it off because she's going to blurt out "Carol" in class and it won't be so funny.

Next couple of weeks are going to be absolutely physchotic around here. Because our family never does anything the easy way, T's got college visits planned for almost every weekend in the Fall. Cosmo will go on a couple trips with her, a couple trips she's going solo. It's been stressful trying to schedule college visits because of her Buccanette commitment. Most of the coaches want her to fly up on a Friday so she can practice w/ the team on Saturday which would mean she'd have to miss a Friday night high school football game. She's so so so excited about being a senior Buccanette this year and we're trying hard to make sure she doesn't miss many of her senior year football games, homecoming or pep rallies. So, we had to drag out a big wall calendar and write out everything going on from now until December 1. We had a big talk last night and I told her she may have to make some compromises now but she'll be sitting pretty after January 1 and will have the entire spring to enjoy senior year.
We have loved looking at all the dorm room photos friends have been posting on FB! Wow! A couple of dorm rooms we saw looked like luxury hotel suites! Things sure are different from when Cosmo was in a dorm his freshman year in Vermont. Kids are so much more sophisticated these days.

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