Saturday, March 29, 2008

All lacrosse, all Day

OMG. My feet hurt. My back hurts. I'm pooped and I feel like I'm covered in a thick layer of red Alabama clay.
Last night we loaded up the U-Haul w/ stuff from the store to take to the lax tournament. This morning Chris unloaded and set everything up at the fields and started off w/ a bang. The buses dropped all the kids and their parents off right in front of our tent and we were inundated from the get go. T-shirts, shorts, sticks, gloves, cups (athletic supporters) name it, we sold it. I met some really great kids today, I met some really rotten kids today (and their rotten nasty parents). T only had one game today and she was a really great help in the tent (flirting a bit w/ some of the boys). KJ was bored out of her mind but was a really good sport. I tried to keep her busy w/ bubbles, sticker books, Mad Libs, etc. It was a really long day and Chris was able to load everything back on the truck before the rain hit.
Back at it tomorrow bright and early!


Unknown said...

Wow, you go girl! you are definitely working the lax scene and that is awesome! i'm shocked you met nasty parents in our lovely town. haha. nasty parents suck! poopoo on them. yay for the nice ones though.

Valerie said...

No! The nasty parents were all out of towners!!!

Unknown said...

i'm glad the yucky parents were out of towners! haters!! have a good monday.

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