Sunday, March 16, 2008

At the Beach

Saturday morning we hit the beach (early!). I thought the water was reallly cold but KJ swam, dove, body surfed and snorkled non-stop. Her cheeks are a little sun-burned. Friday night we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries and I bought KJ a snorkel set (goggles, snorkle and flippers). By 10 AM Saturday, the goggles were probably half-way to China. Someone "dropped" them and a big wave took off w/ them.

Cousin Heather had some travelling snafus yesterday. Her flight out of Charleston, WV was delayed due to fog so she missed her connection in Cleveland. She was able to get a flight into Tampa so Grammie, KJ & I drove up there last night to get her. Unfortunately, Heather's luggage went on to Ft. Myers w/ out her. Sooooo, on the way home last night we decided it was easier to stop by the Ft. myers aiport and grab the luggage rather than wait for the luggage to be delivered some time on Sunday (we all know how well that didn't work out for me in Cabo!). I ran into the Ft. Myers airport to use the potty and by the time I came out, she was wheeling her her luggage around.

Today me, Heather & KJ went to the beach and were able to find a great parking space. It was very foggy and overcast the whole morning but KJ still had a blast in the water. We had lunch @ Wahoo Willie'sand KJ got a dolphin Henna tattoo on her ankle (so classy!).

KJ somehow managed to chip her front tooth at the beach. She came out of the ocean and said her tooth really hurt. Sure enough I looked and she has a big chip out of her (permanent) front tooth. So classy!

Tonight we're heading over to my Aunt Babs and cousin Michelle's. She has a beautfiul inground pool on the canal and I know KJ will spend most of the night in the pool. She's such a water baby!


Unknown said...

HI. I'm just loving little kj having so much fun swimming and swimming and swimming! that is so great! sounds like you're having a great time. we leave tues. to vaca with the rest of hoover. i'll fill ya in on any good scoop if i hear any. ;)

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

You guys are making me sad with all this beach talk...just kidding I am living through you!!! Sorry about the tooth, figures right! Have loads of fun!!!

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