Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Green Grocer???

So I picked up few things today at my local grocery store on my way home from doing my errands. They have these great red canvas re-usable shopping totes for 99 cents. I thought I would buy a couple of bags this time, buy a couple more the next time I shopped. You know, just trying to do my part for the environment. Well, the ding-a-ling bagging my groceries actually put the 2 totes I just bought in a PLASTIC SACK! I told him he could use the 2 totes and he looked at me and said, "For Real??" So much for trying to save the environment!


Anonymous said...

Don't even get me (or especially my older very green man child) started. It drives them nuts when I use paper & tell them how to bag.....not plastic inside the paper...for the love!

Heather said...

You should see the looks I get from my grocery store here where there isn't even curbside pick-up for recycling. (I live in a very non-environmental area.) The baggers look at the nylon bag like it's an alien. Plus, they have no idea how to pack it! The first time I used my nylon bag the packer put my raw meat in it. Now I tell them what to put in the nylon bag and then watch like a hawk while they do. Oh, and other times they've put stuff in plastic bags and then put the plastic bag in the nylon until I caught them and asked them not to do that. If grocery stores are going to have nylon bags for sale - which I love - they should enlighten their baggers as to how to use said nylon bags.

Unknown said...

Publix is pretty good about packing the bags, but I'm the one who usually leaves the things in the car while I'm shopping and then I don't even remember until I'm checking out! Ugh! So annoying. If I do actually remember to bring them in, I always make this huge deal about it and the bagger person just looks at me like, I'm a lunatic which maybe I am, who knows. lol

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