Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lazy Thursday, but hey!!! Lost is On 2Nite

OK. This is the 3rd time I'm trying to post this. My wireless connection down here is the pits and I'm having a hard time posting pics and what not.

Cousin Heather left this morning but her flight to Cleveland was delayed almost 2 hours. She called later today to say that she had finally arrived in Cleveland. She originally had a 4 hour lay-over but would still be able to make her connection to Charleston.

KJ and I rode the bikes down to the volleyball courts to watch Pop play in a sand volleyball tournament. Pop's team came in 4th place. We all came home for some lunch and then Pop, Grammie & KJ went back down to the pool for 3 PM volleyball. I stayed home and finished my book in peace & quiet.

Grammie's making tacos tonight and I have no plans until Lost comes on at 9 PM.

Big news to report today (unfortunately, no pictures!): KJ dried dishes this afternoon. Yes, you heard correctly. KJ DRIED DISHES TODAY.

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