Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I can't believe it's only Tuesday

This week seems to be dragging -- it's only Tuesday. I think turning the clocks ahead has totally screwed everyone up.

We've been so busy the last couple of days. I'm not sleeping good again, therefore, I am exhausted during the day. The house is a mess and laundry is piling up. I've been trying to catch up and not doing a good job.

Friday KJ spent the night at her friend Gabbi's house and T went to the movies w/ ME. I was glad to see T & ME doing something together. Between T's dance and lax and ME's v-ball they don't get to see much of each other.

Saturday AM Chris's varsity spanked John Carroll (11 AM). They didn't play so great the first half but ended up w/ a big win. He did a lot of yelling the first half. KJ and I left the game early to take her to her first lax practice of the season (12:30 PM). She was happy to see the girls again. Chris took T to her lax game vs. Huntsville (2 PM) and KJ & I met them there. The varsity girls lost 9-7. T played well but didn't score. From there I took T shopping for Sara's b-day present and Chris took KJ to her softball practice (3 PM). It was a crazy, crazy day! KJ was totally and completely exhausted and took a long bubble bath. Chris took T & Austin to Sara's party and then went to scout the John Carroll/Capt. Shreve game.

Sunday Chris's varsity played Capt. Shreve from Louisiana and won something like 15 or 16 to 2. What a difference in weather from last Sunday in the snow! We brought Trixie to the game and KJ dragged her everywhere. She loves to be outside (the dog, not necessarily KJ).

After Chris's game I took T spring break clothes shopping. She did really, really great and we didn't fight at all over the length of her shorts. I hate when girls wear really short shorts. It's just inappropriate. Unfortunately, that's all that's in the stores. She bought 2 pairs of shorts at the Pink store (one is a pair of black high-waisted, one pair denim cut-offs). She bought khaki cargo capri's and a pink bikini w/ peace signs all over it. She also bought another pair of shorts and a pair of denim capri's at Forever 21.

Last night I dropped T off at her lax practice and then KJ & I ran over to Mt. Brook. Both JV & Varsity played. I hate playing at the Mt. Brook Sports Park. I just hate the field and I have bad memories of several games gone bad. I also hate it because there are no bleachers so you have to bring a lawn chair and sit on top of each other. The player's parents are all sitting close together and sometimes it gets ugly on the sidelines. Anyhoooo, we got there in the 3rd quarter and JV was up. Then Mt. Brook caught up and the game was tied w/ just seconds left in the game. We all thought the game was going to go into over-time (I think all of the JV games have gone into double over-time so far this season). Ryan Washer scored the game winning goal. He's been playing very, very well this spring. The varsity game was good until the 4th quarter. Hoover was up the entire game and then Chad Porter hit one of the Cox twins from Mt. Brook. I didn't see the hit so I'm really not sure what happened but apparently it was a "clean" hit but kind of low. Crawford was jumping up or something and Chad was actually trying to avoid him and somehow Crawford flipped in the air and landed on his back. The ambulance came and took him away. After that, the game was quite subdued and Hoover ended up winning.

Tonight is crazy dance night and I think I might go to the JV game vs. the inner city "Magic" team while the girls are at dance. Austin plays tonight and I'll go and heckle him. He and his mom came to T's game on Saturday and I think he was surprised at T's athletic ability. He told her he had no idea she was so fast.

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