Monday, March 2, 2009

Time Flies when You're Having Fun

My back deck @ 6:15 AM

KJ at the lacrosse game sitting w/ the Washer family because they had a portable propane heater! (that's her in the smiley face blankie)

Some more photos of the snow! Don't know why I haven't blogged in a while. Guess I've just been busy.
The big news this weekend was the weather. Friday we had crazy thunder storms and had a small tornado touchdown in Chelsea. Sunday morning we woke up to snow (and quite a bit of it!). I woke up w/ the dog around 6:15 AM and grabbed the camera. When I got back into bed, Chris asked Is There Snow??? I said, Oh Yeah!! Around 7:15 AM he made a snowball, yelled up the steps for KJ to get out of bed and when she got to the top of the steps, he threw the snowball at her! She was so excited she ran out onto the deck w/ no shoes on! Trixie loved the snow and was really cute. The girls played outside for a while and then we went to the High School for a crazy day of lacrosse!

JV played at 10 AM and at times, it was almost a complete white-out. It was nuts! A bunch of dads had to keep shoveling the sports grass. I don't know how those kids did it. Had it been any other team, the game would have been re-scheduled. The other team was from Houston, TN (Memphis area) and had driven down for the weekend to play us and Mt. Brook (they beat Mt. Brook Saturday night in the rain but lost to us in the snow Sunday). Both JV & Varsity played great. The Varsity game started at Noon and it had stopped snowing by that time but the wind had picked up.

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Anonymous said...

That's funny...last & only time I sat thru something like that was in Shreveport, LA for that stupid MSU football bowl game. I was so drunk...I think I was drinking vodka & snowflakes...I had no idea who won!

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