Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miss Me??

We're back from a very nice, very relaxing couple of days on the beach. This was my first time in Destin for Spring Break and we had a wonderful time. Other than to eat, we barely left the beach. We just sat for hours and vegitated.

We drove down in 2 cars on Tuesday and Chris came home Thursday for some meetings he had on Friday. The girls & I drove home Saturday afternoon. Our condo was very nice, right on the beach and the weather was incredible the entire time we were there. The water extremely chilly but KJ didn't care. She was in the water from the minute she woke up until we dragged her out for dinner. There was actually times she was the only one in the water for miles and miles.

Tuesday was St. Patrick's day so we went to Pat O'Brien's for a couple of hurricanes and walked along the water for a bit looking at boats. People were throwing beads at the kids and the atmosphere was fun. We had dinner at the Lucky Snapper and enjoyed an incredible sunset from the restaurant.
Wednesday night we at at Fudpuckers and went to "The Track" where Chris & the girls rode go-karts. Chris left Thursday after lunch and the girls & I went to the Back Porch for dinner and took KJ to have an air brush t-shirt made (gotta have an air brush t-shirt when you go to the beach!). On our way out of the Back Porch T ran into a couple of girls she knew and they made plans to get together on Friday. Friday morning KJ stayed w/ our friends while I drove half-way to Pensacola to pick-up Austin and his buddy Taylor. On the way back I picked up Kate & Brittany. The kids hung out on the beach and had lunch. I drove them back to their condo's around 3 PM.

That night the girls & I had dinner at the Crap Trap. We got up Saturday morning around 9:30 AM, packed up the car and stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe on our way home. We made pretty good time until we hit I-65. Lots of traffic around Pelham so I got off in Helena and made my way home from there. Thank God for the Garmin. I am totally "directionally challenged" and really love my GPS!

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