Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jonas Bros.

KJ just found out today that she is going to the Jonas Brother's concert! Yay!!! Her very first concert! Unfortunately, it's not until August! I don't know if she can wait that long. Her friend Gabby asked her to go and Gabby's mom is handling the tickets. KJ told me that she hopes they sit close enough so Nick Jonas can sweat on her. Eeewww. I don't think that's going to happen. I think this is about the same age T-bone started to have a little crush on Aaron Carter and I had to endure 2 back-to-back Aaron Carter concerts. Oh, the horror!

So this is dance team try-outs week. Please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for T and say a little prayer, too! She has totally been working her ass off all week (and her ass really wasn't that big to start!). Monday they learned their jazz routine, Tuesday they learned their kick-line and Wednesday they learned their hip-hop routine. Sunday afternoon T & Katie had a private lesson @ the dance studio. Monday night T had a couple of girls over to practice in the garage. Last night they went to another girls house to practice and tonight I took her & Katie up to the studio to practice w/ Ms. Shannon. Tomorrow is a "mock" audtion and then Friday afternoon is the real deal. Tonight the girls told me that if you make the team, the older girls "kidnap" you and take you back to the High School for a party. It's supposed to be a big secret but they do it every year and that's how you know if you made the team. God, please let my doorbell ring Friday night!

It has been raining cats & dogs all day. Reminds me of a joke my friend Gina used to tell when we were very, very little (like first grade). One guy says to another guy, "It's raining cats & dogs outside!" The other guy says "Oh yeah?? How can you tell??" The first guy says, "Cuz I just stepped in a poodle!" Get it??? A Poodle! I used to think that was the funniest joke I ever heard!

T was supposed to play Vestavia tonight but it was cancelled due to the weather. KJ is supposed to have her first softball game Thursday night and her first lax game Friday. Honestly, I hope it pours the rest of the week so everything will be called off!

P.S. Special Birthday shout-outs to my brother-who-shall-not-be-named. My baby bro's 35 today. I remember the day they brought him home from the hosital.

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J said...

Oh...the Aaron Carter concert...there wasn't enough tequila to make that enjoyable!!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for T & Katie. I hate that kind of you the shits!@!!!

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