Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Rainy Day in Paradise

Another rainy Sunday and I don't really mind. I like the rain. Chris has some yard work he'd like to get done so the weather is holding him up a bit. This has been the rainiest spring in a long, long time.

Things are starting to wind down here at home. Both girls are officially finished w/ their regular lax season. KJ has her team party tomorrow night and T will most likely play All-stars. Studio dance is officially over. Both girls went to their dance class parties this week to say good-by to their friends. T's baby class gave her lots of lovely parting gifts. T also had
her Dance Team (black & white theme) end of year party @ the Country Club. The older girls gave the freshman personalized embroidered beach towels and the freshmen gave each other silly gifts (T was voted most likely to say "OhMyGod!" which she really does say alot!!).

Only a couple more days of school and we're done for the summer! The pool opened Friday and both girls have already been down there with friends. Trying to get our summer schedule finalized: lax camps, lax tournaments, volleyball camps (KJ) and 2-week dance intensive (T). We also have a bridal shower this summer and a wedding in Tallahassee, FL the weekend the girls go back to school. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. T will be turning 15 this summer and getting her driving permit. YIKES!!!

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