Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nice Day today!

The photo to the right looks as if it's a small boat floating in a bay or small harbor in front of a hotel. However, this is a photo of the world's largest pool. I need to find out exactly where it is.

The girls & I spent the majority of the day at the pool after I went grocery shopping this morning. I made potato salad and T made a fruit salad. Austin came over w/ a bunch of a boys and then ended up staying for dinner. I had some friend chicken that I bought this morning at Publix, we threw some hotdog and hamburgers on the grill and had a nice little impromptu party at the pool. I called Austin's parents and they came over and joined us. Very nice, relaxing evening. We basically were the only folks there and KJ had the pool to herself. Tomorrow I've got a nice think steam to throw on the grill. Maybe some baked potatoes. Yummmmmm....

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