Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day !!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother's Day. I did! Chris & the girls brought me french toast and tea in bed this morning (my favorite!!!). We lounged around in bed for a while and played w/ the dog. It was a very nice relaxing morning. Chris & the girls also bought me the Coach wallet that matches my new Coach bag. We had a nice lunch and have pretty much relaxed the rest of the day. So, it's been a busy couple of days/weeks around here. We've been teasing T-bone about being the only lacrosse loser in the family. Both Chris's Varsity and JV teams won their state lax championships and so did KJ's Lady Lizards. Chris was also honored by US Lacrosse as Alabama's Man of the Year for his efforts in the local lacrosse community. I was very proud of him!

T had her lax end of year party Wednesday night. It was a little tough on her. She really likes all of the girls she played with and particularly had a lot of fun w/ several seniors. She's been playing fall ball w/ some of these girls for 2-3 years and played varsity w/ them for 2.

Thursday T performed in the Dance Showcase at the high school put on by the dance department. She and a couple of the other freshmen had been working on their dance the last 9 weeks of school since football and basketball are over. The girls (my 2) also had their dance recital yesterday and we had rehearsals at the BJCC Friday night. T & I were there for almost 7 hours. It was kind of fun though because the prom was at the Sheraton and we got to see some of the kids we knew. The recital was lovely yesterday and my girls did wonderful! KJ takes her dancing very seriously! She did a great job. I think I liked her ballet dance the best and I liked T's jazz routine the best of her 2 dances.

So, now lacrosse is over. Dance is over. Just have softball left. Don't know what we'll do with chris home every night. hahaha

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