Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Weekend of Lacrosse!!!

This past weekend was lacrosse championship weekend here in Alabama. Unfortunately, not all of the games got played due to the severe weather we had on Sunday (more on that later).

T's team had a semi-finals game against Mt. Brook Friday night. It was one of the most exciting games I had seen in a long, long time! We scored, they scored, it just went on and on, constantly tying up. The game went into overtime and then it went into sudden death. We lost. It was a great game and the girls made them fight for every goal.

Saturday AM Chris & I were up at the high school at the crack of dawn to get things ready for the championship games (little kids games all day). KJ played at 10:30 AM during an absolute deluge. She played goalie for half the game and attack for the other half. Her little team won and I think KJ's been wearing her championship medal 24/7.

All of the games on Saturday were really good. Most of the were all very close games with only one blow-out. We had some wonderful volunteers and most of the JV kids came out Saturday and helped out w/ drinks.

The high school games were supposed to have been played on Sunday -- JV boys, girls Varsity and boys Varsity. Unfortunately, due to the severe weather and tornado threats, none of the games got played. The sirens went off just as JV was starting their game so we all had to run for cover and hide in the bathrooms in the stadium.

We came home during a break in the storms and ended up having a nice relaxing day. I took a great nap. Unfortunately, now all the high school games have to be re-scheduled.
We still have dance rehearsals and softball games this week so I'm not sure how many of Chris's games we'll get to see this week.

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