Monday, September 21, 2009

Emmy's Fashion

I don't think this is a a "Medium." Maybe she needs a "Large." Her boobs look smooshed.

Sandra Oh hit it out the ballpark last night. Definitely a home-run (IDK what's up with the baseball analogies). Leighton Meester is so young and so fabulous and has beautiful legs. Unfortunately they're hidden underneath this dress. Not a fan.
Kristen Chenoworth can do absolutely no wrong as far as I'm concerned. She's perfect!

This dress makes Jennifer Love Hewitt look very hippy; I don't think it's flattering to her figure.

Haden-the girl from Hero's whose last name I can never get right-is a beautiful young lady. Last night she looked like the mother of the bride. Her hair looks old lady and the color of the dress clashes with the red carpet.

Mariska Hargity looks amazing! She's got a slammin' body!

Anna Torv. My favorite of the night! She looks incredible! T really loves the show Fringe so I'm somewhat familiar with her character. On the show, she wears just black. Black jeans/pants, black jacket, black everything. So, to see her all glammed up on the red carpet was a nice surprise! I love the color of this dress, her hair looks relaxed and natural and her jewelry and makeup were simple and uber flattering.

Like Blake Lively's dress, hated her hair. She had a really weird pony tail last night and it made the back of her head look like a big egg. It was very alien-looking.

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