Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kayne is a jerk

Unless you've been living under a rock the last couple of days, you know all about Kayne Wests's despicable behavior at the MTV VMA's. I have officially removed all Kayne song's from my blog's playlist. What an ass. I'm not a big Taylor Swift fan but he totally ruined the moment for her. She'll never get that back. Although I think Kayne is extremely talented, he's such an egomaniac.

Just feeling a little homesick the last couple of days so I've updated my playlist to reflect my current mood. I've got the old standbys (i.e, Sinatra's "New York New York" and Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind -- one of KJ's favorite books BTW), but I've also got some songs about NY you may have never heard). Jay-Z's song can be a little raw but Alicia Keyes' voice is bananas. I also luv, luv, luv "New York Groove" by KISS.

It's Fashion Week in NYC. Designers are showcasing their Spring 2010 collections. I saw a couple of things from Max Azria that really caught my eye (for T; not for me! That chica can wear just about anything and get away with it! But she does loves a hot sexy shoe, just like her mother.).

I also LOVE this dress from Oscar de la Renta's 2010 Resort Wear collection. Totally fell in love with the hat! That hat had me at hello.

I also think this de la Renta gown is exquisite and wouldn't be surprised if we see this on the red carpet soon:
These are two of my favorite looks from Marchesa (especially the cocktail dress! wish I had the legs to carry it off!):

Also, I don't know what the hell this was all about but apparently Snuggies also had some type of show/collection. Yes, Snuggie - the blanket with sleeves - staged a runway show this week, complete with high-fashion models and a new ''urban jungle'' line of zebra and leopard prints. My initial reaction? Cruella deVille.

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