Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lazy, Rainy Saturday

KJ had volleyball game(s) earlier this morning. Although they only won 1 of their 4 games, the girls played much, much better than last week. Serving has improved and KJ even got in a couple of "digs" (just trying to learn the lingo).

After the game we ran some errands had a family lunch at Moe's. We went to Best Buy to look for a new camera and then went to Michael's to buy clay and paint for KJ's starfish project. Don't ask me how but we dropped over $100 in Michael's on Halloween decorations and other miscellaneous crapola. Just doing our part to help out the economy.

Took T out this afternoon to practice driving. She's doing great and I think I'm a good teacher. I'm very relaxed with her (I'm sure she'll tell you otherwise). We found a bunch of cones at the Met so she practiced parallel parking a couple of times. At the freshman center she practiced parking next to a SmartCar a bunch of times. I'm going to have a hard time with this whole "driving thing." I have a worry-wart for a mother so I come by it naturally. Last night was the first night we've ever let her get in the car with another teenage driver. Sarah's boyfriend Stephen picked her up and took them to the football game and I was a wreck the whole night. To make matters worse we had horrible weather last night . Stephen's got a hot little car, too. I don't know what it is but KJ calls it the "Ferrari." T's a July b-day so she's much, much younger than a lot of her classmates. All the September and October kids are starting to get their licenses and cars.

Tomorrow is the first day of Sunday school at church. We all know Kendall and I are NOT morning people so this should be interesting.

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