Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swine Flu & First Friends

The flu, swine or otherwise, seems to have hit our school district pretty hard. Lots of kids out sick since school began. Fortunately, my 2 have been relatively healthy.

KJ came home from school yesterday and was so excited to announce that she was selected to be a "First Friend" at her elementary school. Not sure yet exactly what in entails but I think it's a little different from when T was at school. When T was there, a First Friend was partnered up w/ a new student before school even started and helped them become acclimated. KJ seemed to think she'd be helping the little ones get on the bus and that sort of thing.

Lots and lots of rain the last couple of days. KJ's friend Lauren was supposed to have her b-day at their pool on Sunday, due to the rain no one ever came to unlock the gate. We moved the party to our pool and seems like everyone had a good time! There was no thunder or lightening, the rain eventually petered off so the girls were able to get in the pool and enjoy b-day cake under the awning. The GBYLA was also supposed to have a new player clinic on Sunday but had to cancel.

Looking forward to a fun-filled, action-packed long Labor Day weekend with good friends!

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