Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's

Had a nice day with the family today. KJ & I were supposed to go to the movies w/ friends but they called today and said they just weren't up to and wanted to chill at home. So, we dragged Chris to the movies with us. We went to the Dollar theater to see Where the Wild Things Are. All I can say is it was a weird movie and definitely not for little kids. Max was basically a big brat. The movie was cinematically beautiful and the puppets/costumes were incredible.

After the movies we went to DSW so T could spend the gift card Grammie & Pop sent her for Christmas. She's been wanting some kind of cowboy boot/slouchy boots. She found what she wanted but the boots were much, much more than she wanted to spend. I had a $10 DSW rewards coupon in the car, she used her gift card and Chris gave her the rest in cash. She never, ever asks for anything so she kind of got a little post-Christmas bonus.

After DSW we ran into Target so KJ could use some of her Christmas gift cards. She's mentioned she wanted the Wii Fit (we got the Wii Active for Christmas from Santa) but the entire Wii section @ Target was totally wiped out. She ended up buy a DS game and the Mario Kart game for the Wii. She still has about $30 in Target cards.

Earlier today I read a blog post written by a friend whose opinion I admire and respect. The blog post is appropriately about New Year's and starting the year off right. A couple of things I agreed with, a couple (OK. ONE thing) I did not agree with. I can forgive a lot of folks for a lot of things. However, I can NOT forgive some one when they've attacked my child and then blatantly lied to my face about it. And then, if that wasn't bad enough, this individual has acted as if nothing happened. I would like to think that perhaps, as my blog-writing friend has suggested, that she didn't realize she did anything wrong. Unfortunately, in my heart of hearts, I know otherwise (because when I first asked her about it, she denied it. Then she said "maybe" she said something, she couldn't remember. Then, by the end of the conversation, she confirmed what she did but said "it was no big deal." I guess the size of the "deal" depends on which side you're on.). So, this year, I will be making a resolution to myself. I resolve I will no longer deal with Toxic Friends or Frenemies. I will be removing this individual from ALL aspects of my life so that I may thoroughly enjoy 2010. So, dear former friend. When we run into each other at social functions or high school sporting events, please do not act like we are best buddies. Do not confide in me with your vicious gossip (this applies to your husband as well; he is no better than you and constantly tries to engage Chris in conversations about who got who's girlfriend pregnant, who's been caught drinking, etc.). I/we (this includes Chris) could really care less. We are not perfect and God knows you've made major mistakes in your life. You, more than anyone, should not be judgemental.

So, having gotten all of that of my chest (thanks Witty Smitty! you're right! I do feel alot better), Happy New Year everyone! I wish you lots of love, lots of happiness, good health and prosperity.

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