Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nutcracker Gets me in the Mood

Gets me in the mood for Christmas that is! Yesterday the girls & I went to Oak Mountain HS to see the Nutcracker performed by the Alabama Dance Academy. Both girls had several friends in the show and we had such a good time! It's been so nice watching the girls grow up and play different roles. And now, we're watching KJ's friends dance. T & I have been several times to the particular Nutcracker but this was KJ's first time. I remember ME being a toy soldier one year, Kristy was a candy cane one time and I remember Rory doing a lyrical dance. The costumes were gorgeous and everyone did an amazing job! I really loved the "Let It Snow" jazz routine at the was very Broadway, very Rockette! Kristy's performance as the Snow Queen brought tears to my eyes (my friend Judy was sitting behind me and she was tearing up too!). Kristy, Molly, T, ME have been friends since Kindergarten and it's so wonderful to see the girls supporting each other. They've all gone their separate ways and do their own thing but I think they'll always be friends. I got emotional because I know this is such a big deal for the girls (and their parents) and the wonderful result of many many months of hard work.

After the show the girls & I grabbed burgers at Baha Burger. I am totally addicted to that place and love the Baha side salad (I wish I could get it as my entree). It has a wonderful citrus dressing and mandarin oranges. One of Chris's little laxers was there with his family so we chatted a bit w/ them. It's always funny to run into a laxer. Speaking of laxers, today in T's Sunday school class one of the boys told T that I was "pretty cool" but Chris "is always mad and yells alot on the field."

Friday night Chris & I went to the Christmas party at church. We had never been before and had a great time. The band was AWESOME and there was plenty to eat and drink. We were actually an hour late...I thought the party started at 7 PM but it really started at 6 PM.

Today we had a nice relaxing family day...Chris took the girls to Sunday school and he made a lasagna for dinner. We got some laundry done, some cleaning and straightening up done too. I also got some photos of the girls for Christmas cards and started writing them out. I'm doing pretty good with my Christmas shopping too. I don't have too much more to buy; now I just need to start shipping some packages home.

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