Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Recap

Luv, luv, luv watching award shows in general, particularly luv the Academy Awards. I think the only movie nominated this season that I have seen is the animated movie "Up." T-bone has seen both Avatar and the Blindside. The Hurt Locker was delivered the other day on my netflick but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I think it's awesome that James Cameron's ex-wife (sorry! I can't remember her name!) was the first women ever to receive the Best Director Award. I was also happy to see Mo'nique win for best supporting actress.

Metallics seemed to be a big trend on the red carpet this year (hey! listen to me! I sound like Robert Verdi or Jay Manuel!). Some I loved, some I didn't.

Sandra Bullock: she looked beautiful, a little nervous, a little tense. I didn't hate the dress, didn't love it either.
Cameron Diaz: My favorite for the night. I thought she looked very glamorous and grown-up. Sometimes she shows up on the red carpet looking sloppy and sweaty and very disheveled.
Miley Cyrus: I really liked Miley's gown. I just don't think it fits her properly in the bust area and I wish she had better posture. She was very slouchy all night. Also, why was she even at the Academy Awards? And, did anyone seen her mother showing off her new back tattoos on the red carpet? Classy!

Kate Winslet: I thought she looked amazing! Always classy, always elegant.

Demi Moore: I am convinced Demi Moore has made a deal with the devil and drinks daily from the Fountain of Youth.

J-Lo: I liked the dress. I thought it was perfect for J-Lo and she carried it well. She wore the dress, it didn't wear her. At one point I thought it was white but then under a different light it was very pink.
Rachel McAdams: I think she is one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood and is very fresh and natural. I liked the colors and the pattern of this dress.
Kristen Stewart: She looked lovely. Grown-up and finally a little feminine. She still seems very uncomfortable walking on the red carpet.

SJP: I like this gown on Sarah Jessica Parker, hated the gigantic bun on the back of her head.
Charlize Theron: Again, one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood with legs that go on for miles. However, what the hell was she thinking last night? This looks like two cinnabons attached to her boobs. Ridiculous! Very distracting.

Zoe Saldana: really hated this gown. It looks like two seperate gowns....sequins on top and then a weird multi-colored scarf or something on the bottom.

Although I couldn't find any photos, I thought Queen Latifa, Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren looked great.


Anonymous said...

I am siked Sandra won

Andrea said...

SO biZarre!! I was going to do a similar post tonight! I just finished watching the show! ;)

*Yankee Belle* said...

I thought SJP looked like an oscar herself...and the spray tan...I wont go there. I love Sandra.

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