Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Out of the Clost

I positively HATE our master bedroom closet. We've lived in NY, MD, OH and now AL. Five homes in four different states over seventeen years of marriage. This is the smallest, oddest shaped closet we've ever had. I can organize, clean, throw away as much as I want, it's still a terrible closet. Part of the problem is that it has extremely high ceilings. When the closet shelves and rods were installed, they put them up very, very high. Hubby is over 6 feet tall and he kind of has to throw his sweaters and sweatshirts on the top shelf. We permanently keep a step stool in the closet for me. A lot of times, I have to ask T-bone to get things off the top shelf if Cosmo isn't home. On the flip side, the builder also installed a lower tier of shelves and rods. A little too low. Forget any of my dresses, I can only fit tops, skirts and pants if I fold them in half.

In my next house, I'm thinking something like this:
One of Paris Hilton's closets (above)

Kimora (not sure what last name she goes by these days); I believe this photo is actually from their home in NYC that sustained structural damage during 9/11. Her closet in their NJ home is magnificent!

Eva Longoria Parker's closet (above)
Paula Abdul (love the sunglass rack!)

And the mack-daddy of them all, Mariah Carey:

I could spend days and days in here and NEVER come out!


*Yankee Belle* said...

No words...just jealousy.

Ashley Bray said...

I would love any of the closets since my is the old standard not even a walk in but I do not share my closet with anyone. Hubby has his own. But if I had a bigger closet it would FORCE (ha) me to buy more ;)

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