Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thursday already??

I can NOT believe tomorrow is Thursday already! This week has totally flown by. Tbone has totally immersed herself in dance this week, KJ is angling for a cell phone so she's being extra "good" this week (doing her chores w/out being asked, not complaining about chores, getting up good in the morning for school, etc.) and Cosmo has so much lax going on this week it's not even funny.
KJ has been bugging us for a cell phone for a year or so. Tbone got her cell phone the Christmas she started middle school. Not because we caved in to peer pressure, but out of necessity. She was doing a lot of after school activities and becoming more social so we bought her the cell so she could call us for rides home, etc. KJ doesn't really NEED a cell phone but boy she sure WANTS one. We've always tried hard to treat our girls as individuals and I am not a believer in "well, your sister didn't (whatever) until she was ...... (insert age here)." We've never done that to the girls. I have a friend who has 3 daughters and has based everything the younger 2 do on what age the oldest did it....ears pierced, sleep-overs, cell phones, etc. My two girls couldn't be more different. What's appropriate for one, may not be appropriate for the other. T is the mature, responsible one. KJ is the unorganized younger sister. That's all there is too it. T only lost a phone once in the all the years she's had it. Of course, we did go thru a rough patch w/ out of control texting charges but have remedied the situation. Today KJ brought home her first A Honor Roll (she's always made A/B in the past). It's really a big deal. She has really stepped up this year (I think it's because she absolutely ADORES her teacher and really looks up to her and admires her). So, of course, she handed me her report card and the first words out of her mouth were "So, can we talk cell phones now???"


Anonymous said...

cell phones don't we all need em... unless of course we can't hear like me.... (compliments of cancer)... but heck.. my teen girls would be LOST without em.. I do mean LOST... LOL

Unknown said...

Hey Lady! I just wanted to thank you for the sweet comments on my closet post. Loved your post on them, too. I also wanted to apologize for taking so long to get back to you-I don't have a computer right now (I'm borrowing a friend's right now), but I'm looking forward to getting caught up on blogging as soon as I get it back! Have a blessed day :)

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