Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Sunshine

So it's late Sunday morning and the sun is shining! Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day and today is supposed to be just as nice if not better.

KJ is not feeling very well today, she has a bad cough and a bit of a sore throat. Cosmo & T-bone are out of town at a lax tournament this weekend so KJ slept w/ me last night. She slept well and didn't toss and turn as much as she normally does. She does, however, have a horrible habit of talking in her sleep. She's always done it and last night was no exception.

KJ & I have enjoyed our girls only weekend so far....yesterday we had a big family breakfast before Cosmo & T headed up to Greenville, SC. KJ & I went shopping and bought her some new spring clothes that she desperately needed. I also bought some things at Belk and then we met a friend in Homewood for the chili cook-off. We didn't get to stay very long but the weather was awesome, the band was great and the chili I tested rocked! After the chili cook-off we had some friends over for game night, wings and fondue.

The boys lax team is in Greenville, SC for the weekend and T went along for the ride since she didn't have any games this weekend. Last night JV played 2 games and varsity lost to Ponte Vedre, FL. I spoke to Cosmo this morning and he said it was a very, very competitive game. He said Ponte Vedre was the best team they've ever played. I think the final score was 10-5. Today they are playing Greenville, SC. The three coaches got together last night and committed to play the next two year in Jacksonville, FL and the following year in Alabama. Kind of a "battle of the South" thing.

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