Thursday, June 17, 2010

Camp,Laundry and Bieber Fever

The girls had a GREAT time at lax camp this week. I was a little nervous about KJ because she gets over-heated so easily and gets wicked migraines but she did great! KJ & her little buddy Olivia shared a room in one dorm, T & Ellie were in another dorm right across the courtyard. Since it was KJ's first time away from home (other than staying w/ relatives), it was probably good to have her older sister practically right next door. Although they didn't have the same practice or scrimmage schedules, they did eat meals together so T was able to keep an eye on her. They brought home massive quantities of laundry -- two sets of sheets, two beach towels, two sets of bath towels and tons of dirty socks and smelly lax clothes. It's like having a bunch of boys in the house.

My little girl is definitely growing up. Last week Cosmo bought her a Go-Phone with the understanding that the more chores she does around the house, the more minutes she can have on her phone. Saturday morning T went on-line and bought Justin Bieber for the two of them for December. This will be KJ's second concert (the first being last summer's JoBro concert w/ her friend Gabi) and we figured T could take her to the concert so Cosmo and I don't have to suffer through it (I've been to Britney Spears w/ Tbone, 'NSYNC and several Aaron Carter concerts). In a few weeks KJ & T will be flying solo for a week up North. Yup. My little girl is growing up.

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