Saturday, June 5, 2010

Topsy Turvy

Had such a nice day w/ daughter #2 today. She slept in my bed last night since Cosmo & T are at a lax tournament in ATL. I usually don't like her to sleep with me because she kicks and tosses and turns very badly (and she's also a mumbler) but last night she slept pretty good. We slept in and I made eggs for breakfast. I had a desperately needed haircut appointment and from there I took her bathing suit shopping. She goes thru bathing suits like crazy. She's at the pool almost every day and the bottoms get ragged from sitting on the concrete edging and the steps at the pool. We ran into my favorite gift shop in the whole wide world and had one of T's dearest friends wait on us. It was a very weird feeling to see someone we've known since kindergarten all dressed up and so professional. She did a very nice job.

Yesterday I finalized invites for T's Sweet 16 and today we also ordered her cake (holy cow! who knew cakes were so expensive!! I had originally wanted one of those "whimsical" or "topsy-turvy" cakes but when she priced it out, the cake was over $500. KJ looked at the bakery salesperson and said, "that's out of our budget."). I wanted something like this but not as many layers: T had a good week @ UDA camp in Tuscaloosa. Cosmo & KJ drove down Friday morning to watch the girls one more time. They placed 3rd overall and won over 50 blue ribbons. I'm kind of new to this whole dance team stuff so I'm not sure what's up w/ the blue ribbons. John Carroll placed 1st but I honestly thought their dance was very boring. It was technically perfect but more like a lyrical, artsy, recital kind of number. Paul Bryant placed 2nd and while they were definitely not technical, they had a rocking hip-hop number. Hoover was very classy but they got points taken off for "loosing their energy" (again, not sure what all of this means). T said there was no drama during the week with the girls, everyone got along great, no problems at all. The poor thing was so exhausted from dancing 15 hour days and then drove to ATL with Cosmo last night for a lax tournament. I think they got in their room around 2 AM but her game wasn't until 1 PM today so she was able to sleep in. She's a trooper.

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