Monday, June 28, 2010

let's see

Last time I blogged, T & Cosmo were in SC at a lax tournament (which, BTW, the BamaLax boys Varsity team won! whoop! whoop!). And, although they placed 3rd, the girl's team had a great weekend. Champ said they really played like a cohesive unit (which is just a bunch of coaching mumbo-jumbo to me). T had a boatload of goals so all is well in our world. She found out today that she made the varsity All-state selection so that's great too! Despite her high school team not winning a single game, she personally had a great season and is having a great all-star season, too. She's a very aggressive player and is so incredibly fast on the field. She's not afraid to take the shot and I love watching her play.

We saw Toy Story one night last week as a family (with the boyfriend, too) and loved it! KJ was totally crying at the end and the whole family had fun. It wasn't very "3-D" though. One day last week T & I did some shopping (we were supposed to be looking for some clothes for me yet T somehow ended up with an outfit to wear to her birthday does that happen?). She made me try on a dress that I ended up buying and received a bunch of compliments. It was a very bold, colorful dress and not something I would have picked out for myself (my closet is full of neutrals). Turns out she not only has great taste, but T can also sniff out a bargain. The dress was $86 but rang up for $28 and change with the tax. Bonus!

We had a very nice, relaxing weekend and got a lot of stuff done around the house. Nothing major, just lots of little stuff. I also finished one book and have started a new book about ancient Rome. I'm such a history geek. It's kind of embarrassing sometimes.

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