Thursday, July 22, 2010


Not gonna lie. It's been pretty hot out there this week. As KJ would say, "it's Africa hot." As Champ would say, "that's what we get for moving to the surface of the sun."

This afternoon was the first session of the National 7x7 football tournament at the high school. The Bnettes worked the concessions and they all looked so cute in their orange tops and black shorts. Tbone wore a black Nike ball camp to complete her ensemble. They sold tons of powerades, waters and sodas. Chik-fil-a sandwiches, not so much. The girls had fun oogling all the players and got oggled plenty in return. Champ helped out last night w/ a bunch of other dads getting the concession trailers/stands stocked. It always amazes me how many volunteers it takes to pull off an event like this. And, it's usually the same ol' folks. There's always that core group of people you can always count on.

My buddy stopped by the other night for a few. I hadn't seen her in a while but we always have so much fun laughing, gossiping, catching up on kids and hubby's. Her kids are a bit younger than mine and is always shocked and amazed by the mama drama that goes on at her pool (one mom texting another to see who else is there, talking about who's dating who/who's broken up with who, etc. She said one GROWN WOMAN had the balls to text her friend (ANOTHER GROWN WOMAN), and ask if a certain high school boy was there (supposedly her daughter wanted to know). Seriously?? This is the kind of crap I put up with last year w/ that group of women). What are you in High School again?

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