Friday, July 23, 2010

The Garden State

Daughter #2 is totally obsessed with all things New Jersey. It's hysterical. She's been watching shows like Jerseylicious, Jersey Shore, Jersey Couture and Real Housewives of New Jersey. And then, while we're watching the show she asks a bunch of questions. So here goes:

Yes KJ. I have been to the Brownstone. My maid of honor, Barbara's bridal shower was there and yes, it's beautiful.

Yes, KJ. I've spent many, many a summer at Seaside Heights. Some summers I don't even remember (those were the best ones).

No honey. I've never met Bon Jovi but dad & I took Uncle Stephen and Aunt Lisa to one of his concerts at the Meadowlands in the early 90's. And dad & Uncle Stephen stood at the urinal with Paul Stanley from Kiss right before he joined Mr. Bon Jovi on stage.

Yes, I've been to Freehold, NJ. Uncle Zip lived near there and yes, we had 6 Flags up North except we called it Great Adventure.
Yes, sweetheart. I have been to the Paramus Mall.

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