Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet 16 and Stuff

I am now the proud parent of a beautiful 16 year old daughter. I can not believe it. I swear it feels like yesterday Cosmo & I found out we were pregnant. T's dinner party was a huge success (I don't have too many photos to post just laptop isn't charging up correctly and I saved all my photos on it right before it died). The food was wonderful and the decor was amazing if I do say so myself (black & white damask w/ green apple accents and tons and tons of candles)! A couple of T's sweet friends asked if I would decorate their next b-day parties and our neighbor Molly was totally blown away. She said, "Mrs. V, I was expecting some balloons and a happy birthday banner. Not this!" T said the best part of the whole night was having all of her friends -- her dance team friends, her neighborhood friends, her lacrosse friends, her dance studio friends -- get to know each other better. They had such a good time, they all went out afterwards!
T turned 16 last Thursday and Friday morning her dad took her to get her license. After she passed the test she dropped him off at his office and took the car for the day. She picked up KJ and Devon for lunch and went to the pool for a bit before bringing Cosmo home and basically, we've barely seen her since then.
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