Saturday, July 31, 2010

strange things afoot

Don't know what happened to the layout of my blog. The header is still there but now I've got some weird messsage box about photobucket following me around.

Tbone and Coach went car shopping this morning before she had lax practice. They looked at a 4-door Lexus but honestly, I don't think she wants it. I think she wants something a little zippy, a little sporty. I think she wants to take her time and buy the car that's right for her; not just take the first car she looks at.

T is all registered for junior year of high school (gasp!). Registration was Tuesday and went fairly smoothly. I had paid for everything online so I just assumed she was automatically registered. I had totally forgotten about all the emergency contact forms, etc. and had to sit in a cramped computer room for a couple of minutes with all the other parents who didn't know what they were doing. After that, it was smooth sailing. Although I hate the forms and the large check we have to write for registration, it's always fun seeing good friends and catching up. After registration we went to the bank and opened T a checking account and met Champ for lunch.

T has had such a crazy, busy week. This week was the first week of band camp (please, no American Pie references). The Bnettes have to be there to learn their positon on the football field. It's kind of been like having double sessions -- she's had to be there from 1 to 4 PM and then again from 6 to 9 PM. I think next week is 8 AM to noon and 6 to 9 PM. The girls have gone out to lunch a lot, last night after practice they all went to Dippin Dots and one night she went to dinner w/ her dance team instructor. They all came up to the hotel earlier in the week to have their team and indvidual photos retaken. The photos were originally taken on the football field and the background wasn't the greatest. T's original photo was quite good and I did purchase it. Not sure how this batch of photos is going to turn out. It was hot as hell and the girls were positively melting.

KJ rec'd her teacher letter in the mail yesterday and we are SO psyched! We are extremely pleased with her 5th grade teacher! T had the same teacher and she was WONDERFUL. She really prepared the kids for middle school. We've know her for a number of years now. She goes to the same church, her son was one of the first boys to play lax and her daughter is a beautiful young woman who has always been exceptionallly kind and sweet to my girls. I really think KJ is going to have an OUTSTANDING year!
KJ's had her best little buddy over for most of the weekend. They're so good; hardly know they're here. Very low key. T took them to the pool earlier today and Cosmo took them again a few minutes ago. T said the pool water is so hot it's like taking a bath. Not refreshing at all.

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