Thursday, September 9, 2010

B-day and Hallloween

The 2 most important dates in KJ's life, her birthday and Halloween, are rapidly approaching. No lie, she plans to trick-or-treat this year as Snooki. I've already bought her the wig and a pair of white shutter shades. She has a denim mini-skirt to wear and I'm looking at a couple of shirts on e-bay (probably a t-shirt that has ITALIA written across the front). She'll borrow one of T's trucker hats and we'll cover her face in tons and tons of bronzer and do some french manicure press-on nails. All she needs is a pair of big fluffy slippers to wear.
I think we've got her b-day locked down but have to check on some dates. I luv, luv, luv throwing great b-day parties for the girls. We really go all out and try to come up with imaginative parties (T's "block party" was one of my favorites and KJ 's Halloween bash was also a big hit!). She's a 5th grader this year and wants to invite boys to her party. Should be interesting.

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