Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank God for a 3-day Weekend!

Whew! It's only Saturday and I am BEAT! It's been a busy week.

Thursday I had to finish up the centerpieces I was working on for the dinner the Bnettes hosted for the Freshmen dance team. The theme this year was Broadway and one of the mom's made customized Playbills for me to incorporate into the centerpieces. We went with a black and silver color-scheme and everything turned out great and the food was awesome! Really a nice group of girls and mom's. I checked KJ out of school early Friday afternoon so she could see the pep rally and Cosmo met us up at the high school. Pep Rally was OUTSTANDING. The kids were super, duper pumped and the gym was rocking! The Bnttes did the Smooth Criminal routine they worked on for UDA camp. I love that routine!

Last year's Spain Park game was a nail biter, this year was a bit of a snoozer. Hoover was up 44 to nothing at the half. The parachuter's landing on the turf was awesome and the Spain Park band and Dazzlers were great. I love watching T dance but honestly, our halftime routine is kind of boring (earlier in the week the band/colorguard/dance team had a "sneak peek" for the parents so we kind of knew what to expect). It's very traditional marching band. Spain Park's band was more contemporary and upbeat. There's always been a big rivalry w/ Spain Park and it has even extended to the dance team in year's past. This year I noticed the Bnettes walked over to the SP stands during the 3rd quarter. I couldn't figure out what the heck they were doing. Later, T told me they wanted to be gracious hosts and say hello to the Dazzlers. Since T knows most of the Dazzlers from the studio, one of the senior girls pushed T to the front and said, "You go first since you're the one they really want to see." T said it was very, very nice. They all hugged and had a big group photo taken. So yay! Spreading the love!

We had so much fun sitting at the game with friends and I always love catching up with everyone. I love having friends who love me and my children (and the hubster, too). I think that's how I'm going to measure friendship from now on. I think it's a true sign of friendship if someone can be happy for you and your family and not be afraid to tell you. So many people texted us or Facebook'd us last night to tell us that they saw T in her orange sparkly. Nothing over the top, just nice, sweet messages that said, "Hey! T did great!" That's all it takes to make someone's day.

While I was helping the Bnettes w/ the dinner and getting ready for the game, Cosmo & KJ tailgated w/ friends and got to met the parents of the young man who asked T to homecoming earlier in the week. I haven't met him yet but Cosmo said his parents were very nice. Yay!

T had been complaining about her throat the last couple of days so I was able to get her into the doctor's this morning. The rapid strep came back negative but he said her throat was raw and it's time to start thinking about getting those tonsils out. Great.

After the doctor's we thought we had better start looking for homecoming dresses since T's weeknights are pretty filled up and next Saturday we'll be at the Penn State game and KJ has b-day parties the next two Sunday's. She was feeling pretty rotten but agreed. Nothing really jumped out at us. I really liked a dress she tried on at Jessica McClintock but she wasn't "wowed." We decided to cut our losses and have some lunch. On a whim we stopped in a store we were not very familiar with and ended up buying the PERFECT dress. When we were waiting in the doctor's office this morning I asked T if she had any special color in mind for this year's dress, she mentioned a specific shade and that's exactly what she came home with. She doesn't mess around.


*Yankee Belle* said...

Love the dress! Happy L day!

Valerie said...

this was the dress I liked (minus the gloves and dark tights) but T wasn't "wow'd" and ending up with something totally different. I do like the dress she choose, though.

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