Sunday, September 5, 2010

I think it's time to say adieu

I really, really love blogging and have always thought of it as an electronic on-line journal. I like to blog about whatever pops into my head. However, the last couple of days I've been thinking about going private or perhaps using the FeedIt Pro so I can see EXACTLY who's reading my blog. Maybe what I should do is delete this blog and start over privately, new name, fresh start. What to do, what to do?“

True friends stab you in the front. -- Oscar Wilde
Also thinking about doing some housecleaning on FaceBook and deleting a few "frenemies" from my life. I tried to extend an olive branch to someone and possibly have a truce from the negativity that our friendship has been wallowing in the past year or so but she had other thoughts on the subject. Sad to see a friendship end but it probably is for the best. Guess it wasn't the relationship I thought it was.

"There are so few women in general who aren't completely threatened and confused by other women's success. It's very disappointing." -- Sandra Bernhard

"Frenemy" as defined by Urban Dctionary:

#1 An enemy disguised as a friend. "What do you think about frenemies?" "I say, keep your friends close, and your frenemies closer"

#2 The type of "friend" whose words or actions bring you down (whether you realize it as intentional or not). The type of friend you ought to cut off but don't cuz...they're nice... good've had good times with them. U know...they're good people that you can count on to bring you down again sometime in the near future.The friend you may or may not have cornered about their quicksand like ways and keep around because "its in the past"...and so was one minute ago. The person that will continue to bring you down until you demand better for yourself. When you ask yourself is that person my friend or enemy...they are your frenemy. Straighten em out or leave them.Don't put up with it.

#3 Someone who is both friend and enemy, a relationship that is both mutually beneficial or dependent while being competitive, fraught with risk and mistrust.
Zack is John's frenemy. They get a long in the office but both of them work on internal competing teams.

#4 Somone who you pretend to like but really you both know you hate each other. That girls is my frenemy i hate that stupid ho

#5 A "friend" / a "bad friend" who cares only about themselves. A friend who gets their way no matter the cost, and who they step on along the way. One might stay in a "frenemy" situation because they are fearful of this person. Also known as a toxic friendship. Classic example: when your best friend steals your boyfriend of three years she was a frenemy all along.

#6 A person with whom you may have a lot of fun and/or a lot in common, who also has a vile and random dark side. These relationships are worth doing a cost/benefit analysis on. Also, limiting relationships with frenemies to non-SO relationships is a must. Why? Because it’s ultimately all about them after all, and you will need to be in a position to get away from them for indefinite periods of time. Know too, that you will probably become their frenemy as well—because you won’t be able to keep from talking behind their back. If this happens, don‘t expect everyone to get it—some will wonder why this person enrages you so much and others will wonder what you see in them. It is recommended for your own safety/sanity that you limit yourself to one frenemy at any given time in your life.

#7 A portmanteau of friend and enemy; an enemy who acts like a friend. Sometimes spelled frienemy. Beware of the frenemy

#8 A person who pretends to be your friend to get connected to other people you may know and then blows you off once they are connected to your friends. They are very smooth and everyone thinks that person is great until they are eventually traded up by this person for another "better" social connection. They are social climbers and usually the social "leader" in the group. No one wants to reveal this actual frenemy for fear of backlash from the rest of the group. The frenemy will actually put you in a bad light to other people behind your back without making it seem like they are talking about you and actually spill anything you may have told them to others without making it seems they are telling a secret. Be aware of the frenemy because they will have your friends alienate you to be their friend. They are fake and although you may be a smart one to recognize them, others may not and exude praise upon them until they've been tricked by the frenemy.
Susan just told me that Vera made her sad by yelling at her for no reason. Susan said all she tried to do was tell Vera that she was wrong about changing her plans to go shopping. Do you think Susan may be Vera's frenemy? Vera hasn't said anything about the argument at all until I spoke with Vera and she stated that she tried to politely inform Susan that she was not up to go shopping without giving details about a personal situation and Susan just kept at her until she blew up. Yet Susan has told the whole group about the fiasco and everyone feels bad for Susan.

#9 A person who seems to be a friend, but takes every opportunity to make cutting remarks under the guise of being honest, naive or just stupid. A Frenemy is a 29 year old who says to a 50-year old who is being sexually harassed at work by person of same age-"Oh, I guess old people still want to have sex, too!"

#10 Someone you love to hate "Why do you hang around with that kid?" "I don't, he's just my frenemy." "Huh?" "I enjoy treating him like shit."

#11 China. We're basically en route to war with them, but they're so essential to our everyday lives we can do nothing about it. We can't live without little plastic cars. From the Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. China's our frenemy. They're communists, but they stabilize our economy
#12 Your enemy who's also a friend. Kitty Pryde is on the X-Men and Lance Alvers is on the Brotherhood. They're on opposite teams, thus making them enemies but they're still friends....Therefore they are each others frenemy.

#13 A person who is your friend but acts like your enemy. Your Friend: "OMG that is such a terrible skirt, seriously do you mean to turn guys off or is it just your off fahsion style?" You: "Have you noticed that you are such a frenemy?"

#14 A word used, usually in tabloids, to describe two people, usually famous people, who are enemies in the press and friends in real life or vice versa, generally a technique used simply to gain publicity. Lindsay Lohan: omg look! we're on the cover of US weekly AGAIN!! Paris Hilton: omigod Lindsay! this frenemy thing is doing wonders for our image

#15 A frenemy refers to a company that can be both a partner (customer, vendor, etc.) and a competitor at the same time. Sir Martin Sorrell said he counts Google as a frenemy of WPP, the ad agency empire that be built. On one hand, Google offers WPP a chance to buy cutting edge interactive ads for its clients. One the other hand, Google makes no secret of its intentions to allow anyone to buy ads for themselves, which could disintermediate ad agencies.

And now for some funny quotes about Ex-Friends:
-I'm sorry, did my back hurt your knife?
-Never turn your back on a friend, thats the best target.
-While you're stabbing my back, you can kiss my ass too.
-All the mistakes in the world couldn't measure up to the day I thought I could trust you.
-Yeah, being apathetic is a pathetic way to be... but I don't care, what matters to you does not matter to me
-When your up, your friends know who you are. When you're down, you know who your friends are.
-You can't laugh last If I stab you in the throat with...the knife you left in my back.
-I was the one who said things changed; you were the one who proved it.
-Friendship is not capable of ending. For if it ends it is only because it never existed.
-I'll never forget what you did to me, but I'll never let you know I remember.
-In dealing with backstabbers there's one thing I’ve learned: those bitches are only powerful when your back is turned.
-If your having doubts about whether you can actually trust a person...chances are you can't.

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*Yankee Belle* said...

I'm sorry girl. I went thru this about 2 years ago - with some chicks whose blogs you've probably read. Losing friends sucks. Especially when you genuinely care. Hope it all gets better. But thanks for letting me back in. =)

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