Saturday, September 18, 2010

Who walks in the door with a new TV?

I mean seriously! Who walks in the door from running some errands w/ a new TV? Champ purchased a new camcorder from Best Buy yesterday afternoon (supposedly for lacrosse purposes). He ordered it on-line so the local store sent him an e-mail letting him know it was ready for pick-up. Well, several hours after they left the house, he & KJ walked in and I knew without even batting an eyelash that he purchased a new TV for the family room. I said to KJ when they walked in the door "so, whatcha buy?" and the she replied, "Guess." Damn him anyhow. That is defiantly what I would call "an un-authorized purchase" (that's our "couples" lingo for those unnecessary-but hey!-I just couldn't resist kind of purchases).

I actually wish we had the video camera this morning for KJ's volleyball game(s). The girls played INCREDIBLE! Such a very sweet team. The Catholic school league cracks me up. They say an Our Father or a Hail Mary before each game. And then proceed to beat the crap out of their opponents. St. Rose even has some kind of "Have Mercy on Us" chant in the huddle. The POP team spanked St. Aloyuisious 2 matches in less than 25 minutes. It was crazy. Then, St. Rose played St. Aolyuisious while we had a break. The St. Rose girls served incredibly well. I was a little nervous after watching their game. Then, the Knights took the court and we had to go the full 3 games. We won the first, they won the second and then we took the third game in a total nail biter. During a time-out we could see her fooling around with her phone. Turns out she was texting us from the sidelines "OMG!!! This is SO intense!" It was pretty funny!

After volleyball we had a lovely lunch @ TipTop Grill and I did a little shoe shopping. I bought some booties that I like to wear with jeans to give me a little height. I think the correct term is "shootie." I couldn't decide between the brown pair or the black pair and ended up buying both. I'm lazy and don't like anything with zippers. I just want to slip them on and off at will. One pair was 30% off and the other was 40% off. The pair I'm currently wearing has been re-soled numerous times and are practically falling apart. Speaking of height, today I found out at that I am a full 2" taller than Snookie (she's 4'9") and I am a full 4" taller than Wee Man from Jack-Ass. So, yay me!!! (I'm 4'11").

The Hoover football team is on a total roll this year. They beat Byrnes in week #1 (14-0), Spain Park 44-0 in week #2, Oak Mountain 50-0 (week #3) and week #4 they beat Thompson 50-0. As a side note, to follow are just a few of the former Hoover football players that were on TV today playing for various schools around the country (this list is D1 only): Lowrey, Kerry Murphy, Chapman (all @ Alabama), Brandon Morgan @ Duke, Brandon Clear @ Clemson, Brian Jackson @ Oregon, John Propbst @ TN, Brian Pugh (Auburn) and Maudrecus Humphrey is @ Arkansas (and Cosmo said the punter from AK is also a Hoover kid). I'm sure I'm missing a couple (I know of at least 3 or 4 playing for Navy).

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