Thursday, December 9, 2010

The lighter side of Stephen King & Some Questions

“You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.” -- Stephen King

What an interesting quote by Stephen King. Who knew he had a nicer, fluffier side?

Really looking forward to the weekend! Other than taking the girls to see some of their friends perform in the Nutcracker on Saturday and a lax clinic on Sunday @ the high school, this family has NO major plans. No Friday night football games! I know T is so stoked. She hasn't a free Friday night since school started. And do you know what this means for me??? No Buccanette boots to clean!!!! Whoop! Whoop!

Got a lot of shopping done last night. My mom has selected a Vera Bradley pattern so I went to Wrapsody to find it. Unfortunately the Hoover store was out of it so they are getting it from their Auburn store. T's sweet, sweet friend Molly helped me. She is such a lovely young lady and it has been a pleasure watching her grow up. KJ bought me my annual Vera Bradley ornament while we were in the store and Molly helped her pick it out and wrap it up. I also went to Dick's Sporting Goods, Justice, Barnes & Noble and Wolf Camera. KJ & I met Cosmo for dinner and had a nice evening.

T had some friends over last night after the high school basketball game. So glad she feels comfortable having kids over and it's so important to know who her friend's are. Cosmo & I were snuggled on the couch when they all came in and a couple of the boys were laxers. I think it was weird for them to see Coach in his natural habitat.

A friend sent these random questions for me to answer on my blog so here goes:

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
I don't drink coffee but whenever I go into Starbucks during the winter season with the girls, I get a peppermint hot chocolate.

2. Where is your favorite place to eat breakfast?
I haven't been to a good brunch in a long, long time (Cosmo & I used to go ALL the time when we lived in NY) so I guess Panera would be my best answer.

3. Are you on Twitter? Why or why not?
Yes! I love Twitter! @AlabamaValerie

4. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
I have a couple (who can choose just one???): National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Elf, The Polar Express, Christmas with the Kranks and Christmas Story.

5. Are you a good gift giver?
Um, I think so. No one's ever complained.

6. Do you like your handwriting? Bonus points for posting a picture.
I have extremely large handwriting that tilts to one side. It's very unique and so large that my husband says I write for the blind.

7. Is your signature legible? Bonus points for posting a picture.

8. Have you ever been to New York during Christmas season?

9. Are there any items that you are completely brand loyal?
For 9 years I worked for the company that made Lysol products so I usually stay with what I know. I only buy Woolite, Clorox bleach, Heinz ketchup, Breakstone's Sour Cream, Philly cream cheese, etc. I usually don't buy the store brand of anything. One day the hubby brought home some crap brand of pepperoni and the girls & I FREAKED and refused to eat it.

10. Who is your favorite public speaker?
This is going to sound really cheesy but I really enjoying listening to Champ when he talks to kids/parents about lacrosse. He's very knowledgeable and very passionate and really loves what he's doing. And the girls & I are very proud of him.

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