Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Got a sicky home w/ me today. KJ's been complaining about a sore throat and a headache since Sunday night. She had a slight fever this morning. I've been filling her up with liquids and ibuprofen and hope to nip this in the bud.

The next couple of weeks are going to be super busy. We've got a bunch of holiday parties to go to this year (fun! fun! fun!) and my folks will be here for Christmas. We've also got some mini-vacations planned over Christmas break that we're really looking foward to.

Getting a lot done the last couple of days. The house is decorated. I went with a minimalist look on the mantle this year and did a modern red vase and mismatched crystal candlesticks with white tapers and tons and tons of tealights in various crystal and red votives. I also added a large cylinder vase with river rocks and white branches on the marble hearth. It's different than what I've done in year's past, not sure if I like it yet. It's growing on me. I also bought a new dining room tablecloth this year (red w/ white snowflakes) and crisp white linen napkins. Large lidded vases on the dining room table filled with candy. Both trees are up and decorated and Cosmo and KJ did all the outside lights and wreaths.

Monday night the girls & I met Cosmo for dinner before he met up w/ his buds to watch the Jets vs. New England (Jets lost BTW). The girls & I got some shopping done. Not much but I've got some good ideas. I am at a total loss this year. T is always super easy to buy for. We have similar tastes in some things . . . we both love good handbags, expensive perfume, accessories, shoes. KJ is at a very difficult stage. She's not a little girl anymore, not a teenager yet. She's had one of those "go" phones since the summer but would like to upgrade to a "real" phone. She'd also like a Flip video cameras. I'm also have a hard time w/ Cosmo this year. I used to be able to buy him cool lacrosse stuff. Well, that's kind of hard to do when he owns his own store and can order whatever he wants.

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